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B.D.S., M.D.S. (Mum.)

  • Platinum Elite Invisalign provider .
  • Founder President - Lingual Orthodontic Society(India)(L.O.S.)
  • Titular Member -European society of Lingual Orthodontics ( E.S.L.O.)
  • Fellow World federation of Orthodontists (WFO)
  • Member American association of Orthodontists (AAO)
  • Member Indian Orthodontic Society (IOS)
  • Specialist Invisible braces.

Dr Jignesh Kothari is currently in full time private practice in mumbai from the last 17 years, specialising in Invisible braces practice. He has had a prolific academic career with honours and achievements at every year of dentistry, with the unique feat of standing first at all mumbai university examinations through out his dental and masters program! Thereafter, Dr.Kothari has been trained extensively across the globe in various techniques of invisible orthodontics and has pioneered the contemporary Lingual braces treatment in India.Together with his team of dedicated and specially-trained dentists and staff, he is able to create a wonderful experience for each of his patients. Besides having a strong reputation in orthodontics in India, Dr. Kothari also has a strong international background, having lectured extensively at various international forums .Dr Kothari is also familiar with different practices internationally which give him the ability to provide his patients with the utmost quality care at par with international standards. He is the most experienced Invisalign provider in the country, practising Invisalign since 2012 & is the first Indian doctor to have his case accepted for the International Invisalign global gallery. He is a Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider (2017 / 2018), who, besides being a key opinion leader for Invisalign In India, regularly conducts workshops and study clubs for other orthodontists and guides them on treatments with the invisalign system .

Dr. Kothari’s passion for invisible orthodontics and ardent fervour to excel in this specialised field keeps him aspiring to improve his skills and incorporate the latest advances in the field of digital orthodontics in his practice .

His zeal for invisible orthodontics has aided him in building his strong reputation in this field over the years and numerous successful treatments and word-of-mouth recommendations from his patients have helped him in building the country’s largest individual invisalign practice .


Orthodontics for all
Invisalign treatments for adults and teens
Customisable options
best suited for your case , your social lifestyle ,your time lines
Top rated experience
The most seamless , smooth , painless , comfortable with least number of visits.
“In the most capable hands technology can work wonders !”

So lets do amazing things together.


Center for invisible braces now headed by Dr Jignesh Kothari has been designing  smiles since 1973 .We have over 17 years of experience in invisible orthodontics  and are the first PLATINUM  ELITE Invisalign provider 2018 in the western India and currently Diamond tier towards 2019. Our professional team led by Dr. Kothari, believes in providing convenient, comfortable and safe dental & orthodontic care to every patient we treat. Not only we make your teeth healthy, we educate you too! We offer a full range of aesthetic orthodontic & advance cosmetic dentistry procedures, Invisalign - such as Invisible braces/lingual braces, clear aligners, ceramic braces, bonding, crowns, dental implants and teeth veneers, bridges, and teeth whitening designed to give you the dazzling, healthy smile of your dreams.


Years Experience


Patients Treated
Largest Individual invisalign practice

Smiles by Dr. Jignesh Kothari

Smiles by Dr. Jignesh with invisible braces and Invisalign

About Invisalign

We would like to introduce to you Invisalign the world’s best clear aligner system with 20 years of research, 900+ patents, the world’s largest 3D printing operation, and data from 6.5 million smiles, you can certainly trust Invisalign clear aligners.


It all begins with a well informed consultation appointment which shall help u understand the treatment options and the advantages over regular braces along with the payment plans suited to your needs.

Digital Planning:

Following a digital scan of your teeth , a lot of powerful technology and doctor’s expertise combine to make a digital plan for shaping your new smile.

Aligner Manufacturing:

Once your digital plan is finalized, your custom aligners are made with a state-of-the-art printing process in the worlds largest 3d printing facility .The aligners are shipped in the next 2-3 weeks to our office.

Aligner delivery:

It’s the first day of your new smile and time to pick up your first aligners at your doctor’s office. This is a key step in your success. With Invisalign treatment, you're never on your own.When you pick up your first aligners, your doctor will:

  • Ensure your aligners fit well
  • Answer your questions
  • Let you know what to expect.

Follow up appointments:

These will vary from patient to patient and case to case with the flexibly to see the patients for as fewer appointments as possible to give you the comfort of the best treatment with minimal visits.

We have special plans and scheduling custom made for overseas patients and patients staying at distant places.

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Why Invisalign with Dr Jignesh?

Most Experienced Invisalign® Provider

Dr. Jignesh is one of the first Invisalign certified users in India, certified since 2012. He is the most experienced Invisalign user in India with the largest Individual Invisalign practice.

Regional trainer of Invisalign® with vast International exposure.

Dr Kothari is the appointed regional trainer for Invisalign®. He has been actively providing training on the Invisalign® system and their technologies within India and conducting various study clubs to train other orthodontists. Besides continuously providing physical trainings on the Invisalign® system and technologies, Dr Kothari has many white papers published on case studies with invisalign and has many of his treated cases accepted at the Invisalign global gallery .

Highly involved in giving a seamless experience to Invisalign® patients .

Dr. Kothari is involved in exploring and expanding the boundaries of clear aligner technology with digital technology so that he’s able to provide more comfortable (braces free) treatment for his patients as much as possible. 

He has a dedicated team of highly experienced associate doctors and support staff to help every patient have a truly seamless experience with Invisalign treatments !

Integrated Invisalign 3D Technology .

Intra-oral scanners, 3D digital imagery and movement prediction software are all the latest technological advancements which have been integrated to deliver the best possible results. With these, you will be able to have a clearer understanding of the treatment results (with different treatment plans and options) including estimated treatment times before your treatment begins.

Easy Instalment Plans Available .

Your care is our priority, and flexible instalment plans are available for your Invisalign treatment. To find out more, contact us and we can come up with a plan based on your profile and circumstances.

Customised Treatment Planning .

In order to establish a comprehensive and customised treatment plan for every patient under our care, Dr. Kothari takes tremendous time and effort to understand the problems and design custom made aligners for all his patients. When coupled with the Invisalign® technologies, it ensures gradual, gentle and effective teeth movement throughout your treatment in the shortest possible time. Patients will experience painless treatment. Gone are the days of pain and sores with braces and wires!

“No wires, No brackets, No doubt.”
– Invisalign.

Celebrity Orthodontist 

Dr Kothari has a vast experience in treating patients with Invisible orthodontics for last 17 years and has treated many celebrity clients across all walks of life .


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Accreditations & Milestones

  • Platinum Elite Invisalign provider 2018
  • Founder President - Lingual Orthodontic Society(India)(L.O.S.)
  • Titular Member -European society of Lingual Orthodontics ( E.S.L.O.)
  • Fellow World federation of Orthodontists (WFO)
  • Member American association of Orthodontists (AAO)
  • Pioneer In Lingual orthodontics in india , practising Lingual and invisible orthodontic since 2004 till date.
  • Invited Lecturer at various International and national orthodontic meetings on Lingual orthodontics and Invisalign from 2007 -2019.

Invisalign milestones:

2012- Invisalign USA certified in Dubai .

2014- 2018- attended most International Invisalign summits and meets in south east Asia and UAE.

2016- First case accepted at Invisalign global gallery from India.

2017- 3 white papers published on invisalign treatments

2017- Platinum Provider and key opinion leader

2017- 2nd case accepted at the Invisalign global gallery

2018 -Platinum Elite Provider and key opinion leader

2019- 3rd Case accepted at invisalign global gallery

2019 - Current Tier Diamond Provider and key opinion leader

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